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WOWSharp 2.0.3

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Released: Apr 30, 2014
Updated: Apr 30, 2014 by Grendizer
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Release Notes


  • This version of WOWSharp has MANY breaking changes and is NOT compatible with and can NOT simply replace the older versions before 2.0.


  • Made necessary changes for the Diablo API to make it work with the changes made by Reaper of Souls expansion.
  • Fixed a serialization issue that occured with WoW character PVP after Blizzard corrected the spelling of a field.


  • The library was completely revamped.
  • Added support for Diablo API. The library can now get Profile, Hero, Item, Recipe, Follower and Artisan information.
  • The library supports changes made by Blizzard up to Patch 5.4.
  • The old asynchronous pattern BeginXXX and EndXXX have been removed.
  • New asynchronous methods have been added using the .NET Framework Task library. This allows users of the library to use the C# async and await keywords which makes code cleaner and simplifies using the library.
  • Changed the way HTTP requests are made to use System.Net.HttpClient class instead of the old HttpWebRequest class.
  • The synchronous versions of the methods has been removed. To call an operation synchronously, use .Result property. See documentation for an example.
  • Dropped the support for Windows Phone 7. The library now supports Windows Phone 7.5 as minimum.
  • Changed the serialization library to NewtonSoft.Json which can handle many special cases easily. As a result, a lot of workarounds that were implemented in the earlier versions using DataContractJsonSerializer were removed making the code a lot cleaner. NewtonSoft.Json is also significantly faster according to several benchmarks on the web and my own benchmarks.
  • WOW: Added supports for character career statistics and supported some new properties added by Blizzard.

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