WOWSharp is a .NET Library for accessing Blizzard's World of Warcraft and Diablo Community APIs on The Library is written in C# and is available for .NET Framework 4, Silverlight 4 (or higher), Windows Phone 7.5 (or higher) and .NET for Windows Store Apps.

Downloading the Package

Download NuGet package using the following Command from Package Manager Console: Install-Package WOWSharp


  • The library handles all HTTP connections, error handling and JSON deserialization
  • Uses Task based async operations which makes developing responsive application easier.
  • The following World of WarCraft API functions are currently supported
    • Get Character Profile
    • Get Guild Profile
    • Get Realm Status
    • Get Current Auctions Data
    • Get Item Information
    • Get PVP Leaderboards (Arena and Rated Battlegrounds)
    • Get Character Classes
    • Get Character Races
    • Get Guild Perks
    • Get Guild Rewards
    • Get Item Classes
    • Get Guild Achievements
    • Get Character achievements
    • Get Quest information
    • Get Battlegroups
    • Get Recipe
    • Get Item Set Information
    • Get Spell Information
    • Get Battle Pet Ability
    • Get Battle Pet Species Info
    • Get Talents
    • Get Battle Pet Types
    • Get Challenge Mode Leaderboard Information
  • The following Diablo 3 API functions are currently supported
    • Get Diablo profile information
    • Get Hero information
    • Get Item or recipe information
    • Get Artisan information
    • Get Follower information
  • SilverLight library (Requires a proxy on the site of origin to route calls to if it's running in browser mode)
  • Supports basic caching functionality (Cache Manager implementation not included, but the library supports hooking to any cache manager such as enterprise manager caching block, or MemoryCache)
  • Supports API Key authorization (Requires .NET 4). It's not supported in Silverlight.
  • An HTTP Handler to be added on the Silverlight application's site that handles routing calls to

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